Erin DeGregorio

Student at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism (New York, New York), arts and culture reporter, and former web intern at BUST Magazine

About Me

I am currently pursuing my M.A. Degree in Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism (New York, New York). My concentration in is arts and culture reporting. I recently interned at BUST Magazine for Summer 2017, where I coded (HTML/CSS) and brought current and archived print issue stories online. Prior to graduate school, I was a Class of 2016 graduate of Siena College (Loudonville, New York), where I attained a B.A. Degree in English with an English Honors Certificate; minored in Marketing, Writing and Communications; and achieved Magna Cum Laude at commencement.

Thanks to my hands-on experiences in journalism through my previous internships, plus the practical marketing knowledge attained in my undergraduate classes, I look forward to working in the journalism field. I enjoy being up-to-date with pop culture in our world that is so consumed by and with various social media platforms and trends.

In my senior year at Siena College, I was selected to be a Casey Fellowship recipient and conduct academic research in Summer 2015 on a topic that had not been covered in my college’s curriculum – zombies. Through this experience I conducted intensive research on the infectious interest of the undead in popular culture. While I mainly focused on AMC’s The Walking Dead, I also looked into how much zombies have changed in literature and film (since their inception in Haitian folklore) in order to better-fit audiences’ changing interests. Due to my passion and dedication for the topic, I shared my knowledge with the student community via informal discussions and my own PowerPoint presentation of 120+ slides – during the entire academic year (Fall 2015 - Spring 2016). Siena College highlighted the Summer 2015 Casey Fellowship recipients.

I’ve freelanced for BKLYNER and DNAinfo New York, and have also covered feminism-related topics at BUST Magazine.

Interests include: writing, researching, marketing, advertising, music, movies, television, sports (especially baseball/softball, American football, the Olympic Games), Broadway theatre, fashion, popular culture, literature in pop culture, creative arts

Erin DeGregorio