Erin DeGregorio

Marketing and communications associate at Fordham Law School and monthly contributor at The Red Hook Star-Revue


A five-time award-winning journalist, I'm the marketing and communications associate at Fordham University School of Law and a monthly contributor at The Red Hook Star-Revue (a print newspaper that has a monthly circulation of 10,000 in Brooklyn, Mahattatan, and Long Island). I earned my M.A. Degree in Journalism—with a concentration in arts and culture reporting—from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism (New York, NY) [now known as The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York], where I honed my print, broadcast and audio story-telling skills.

Bylines have appeared with The Tablet newspaper, BKLYNER (prior to its closure in September 2021), DNAinfo New York (prior to its closure in November 2017), NYCity News Service, and BUST Magazine. Select audio pieces have been heard on the airwaves of WHCR 90.3 FM NY: The Voice of Harlem and WHDD 91.9 FM: Robin Hood Radio.

Select personal tweets have been featured in: Bleacher Report, The Daily Edge [Ireland], and Twitter Moments ["Clueless" 22nd anniversary - 7/19/17]. A personal tweet was selected live during AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead: Talking Dead" television series—Season 2, Episode 19 (original air date: April 24, 2016)—nationwide, on television and AMC On Demand, at the time. Here's the proof!


Beat interests

  • Education
  • Pop culture
  • Music
  • Movies + TV
  • Sports—particularly baseball, Olympic Games, and Paralympic Games
  • Food + drink
  • Creative + performing arts, including Broadway theatre
  • Fashion

When I could, I tied my passion for pop culture to various undergraduate courses. Below are topics I wrote non-published, academic research papers and presentations on:

  • Lacking an Identity in "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" (paper)
  • Vampires May Not Have a Heart Beat, but Do Have Feelings: Exploring Homosexuality and Homosociality in Vampire Literature and Film (paper)
  • Rick Grimes: The Best, Inhumane Zombie Apocalypse Hero in "The Walking Dead" (paper)
  • ZOMBIES! throughout Pop Culture and Literature History (presentation)
  • Shakespeare Meets "Sons of Anarchy" (paper)
  • Suffering in the Suburbia of "Edward Scissorhands" from Exerted Self-Control (paper)
  • The Exaggeration of Animal Cognition and Consciousness in James Patterson's ZOO (paper)
  • Marie de France's Retelling of "Tristan and Isolde": A Hit Against the Old Celtic Legend (paper)
  • Cross-Dressing and Its Consequences in Patriarchal Elizabethan-Era England (paper)
  • Film Depictions of Queen Elizabeth I and Audiences’ Intrepretations of Them (paper + presentation)
  • War in Pop Culture (paper + presentation)
  • The Suburban Home: The Failing Foundation for Public and Private Spheres and Identities in "Revolutionary Road" and "Far From Home" (paper)
  • Attracting Audiences through Broadway Posters (presentation)
  • Women’s Gymnastics Scoring in the Olympics: Changes to Decades-Old Standards and History-Making Moments (presentation)

Erin DeGregorio